Technology Dependent + Directionally Challenged= No Bueno.

As I was sitting in awful DC traffic today and my phone reminded me that I only had about 30 minutes left of battery life I realized how dependent I am on technology.

For instance, in any given day before 9am I will: check my phone to see what the weather will be like (instead of walking outside), check three social media accounts before I even move out of bed, check my bank account on my phone (instead of you know..balancing a checkbook or whatever older-fashioned people do these days), map out wherever I am headed for the day, jot down virtual notes, finish any active games of ruzzle (don’t judge me) and check my emails. ALL OF THIS BEFORE NOON EVERYDAY. Thinking about this makes me feel insane. 

So sitting in traffic and knowing I would lose my only sense of direction when my phone died was kind of frightening. All I needed to do was drive another 25 miles on 95 and make a few turns in the neighborhood to get back and I was still seriously flustered. I feel like another unfortunate result of the technology obsession of my generation is that a lot of us probably don’t know how to navigate ourselves without some app. I am awful at remembering to charge my phone so you’d think that I’d just get a paper map to keep in my car like a responsible adult but that would be too reasonable. 

Another thing: I don’t know if it’s because Nick and I have lived in an area with 192 people but I am terrified of being around other drivers on major highways now. Or maybe it’s me getting older? Or maybe it’s because I’m driving in areas I’ve never been? Either way, it’s not a good feeling and completely abnormal for me. Back in the day I drove a motorcycle, to give you an idea…so I’ve never really been scared of driving. 
Also: I really really reallllllyyyy  dislike driving in DC. My god it’s awful. I swear I was on the verge of losing my shit the entire 1.5 hour drive there. I went there to pick up my half marathon race packet for tomorrow and was planning on having a nice little day there. NOPE. After the stress of figuring out where the hell I was supposed to even go, and then the thought of having to find another parking spot after literally 10 stoplights per mile I noped the hell out of there. How do people live there?!? I guess it would do me some good in the patience department though.


Anywho, I hope you all have a great weekend! I will be hating like come 4:30am tomorrow morning when I’m getting up to make it through the awful traffic and parking situations in DC for my half. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers -_-


Funny Past PSAs featuring a healthy phallic shaped snack and Pee-Wee Herman telling you not to smoke crack…

Funny Past PSAs featuring a healthy phallic shaped snack and Pee-Wee Herman telling you not to smoke crack…

I stumbled upon this gem this morning. PeeWee Herman telling us to refrain from smoking crack?….really? 0.o   He should make another one advising against wacking it in public probably, since he got caught doing that in ’91.

Also, If the best we had to combat the prospective youth obesity epidemic was renaming an ice cream treat to a “Saturdae” and making it resemble a penis decorated with yogurt and grapes no wonder our country is screwed. You guys really dropped the ball on that one. I recently earned my Master of Public Health and had to come up with my own PSA so watching these was hilarious. Enjoy!

And back to square one…

Can you think of anything more terrifying than being unemployed with a $700/month student loan payment looming over your head?

I can’t at the moment and this is scenario will be my reality come 4:50pm tomorrow afternoon. We are PCSing for the first time.

It took me 3 months of searching to find my current job as an Emergency Planning Assistant. The word “assistant” is italicized because it holds a special connotation to me. Call me naive or pompous but I really hate that title. I worked my ass off to get my Master of Public Health and I could do without feeling like all I am is an assistant at this point in my life. I know at my age and experience level that I should be grateful that I have a job period, and I really am. It just saddens me to see the majority of my fellow MPHers working low-paying jobs mostly in fields unrelated to Public Health. I got lucky and work in my field so at the very least my experience here looks good on my resume.

The good news is that there are jobs in Miami. Lots of jobs.

A lot of these jobs require me to have years of experience and that’s a bit frustrating but I am confident that I will find something.

My true passion is working in prevention as a Health Educator. I love teaching people and feeling like I’m making some type of difference. Right now I don’t feel that way so getting this free pass for a fresh start is great in a lot of ways. Being a Coast Guard wife is never going to be easy, and a lot of the time I feel like I put my own aspirations to the side. I would be lying if I said that wasn’t frustrating and/or heartbreaking at times. I will say though that this lifestyle has made me adjust to not being able to plan everything out. It has taught me to be more flexible and try to relax a little. Nick and I planned for my unemployment and made certain that we had enough in savings to live comfortably while I job hunt.  The poor-college-kid that still lives inside of me wants to freak out about the prospect of being unemployed again. It’s funny how long it takes to adjust to a new-found stability and security that being married to the military brings.

I am hopeful for Miami and the changes that are coming…however, I am scared beyond belief.

Are you on the job hunt? How has it been going for you?

Our To-Do List for Miami

          Nick and I are very excited to move from rural Virginia to Miami. We have been surfing Groupon and have found a million things to see and do there. We have vowed to not let the 3-4 years we are there fly by without exploring anything. I think a huge part of this urge has to do with us not knowing where we’ll end up in 4 years. After living in a place with a population of 192 we know not to take the social aspects of Miami for granted. We are beyond excited to have a social life again!

Our tentative to-do list—in order of priority–don’t judge 😛

1. Go to the beach!

Chincoteague (our current station) is an island so one would think going to the beach wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Well, unfortunately I moved here in August which was the end of their beach season. Jacksonville remained basically summer until mid-December. It was depressing to see all of my friends’ beach selfies all summer/fall/winter long. Also, poor Nick lived in Hawaii for 2 years before Station Chincoteague. Getting back to the beach is numero uno on our  to-do list. Getting our Florida glow back will be awesome. Does anyone else feel healthier/thinner when they’re tan?

2. Start Crossfit or a similar workout plan

Being in the freezing cold all winter has made working out a lot tougher. I am used to being outside and so motivating myself to run 10 miles on a treadmill has been quite challenging. Nick loves to swim and has been able to keep doing that but I can’t really swim (not joking ). I have many friends doing crossfit who seem to love it so I think we’ll give it a go. It is really pricey but we’re hoping to find something reasonable considering there are 3 CF gyms within 7 minutes of where we’ll be living. I am trying to move from long distance running to more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) because frankly, long distance running takes a huge chunk of time and it gets really boring.

3. Go on a “Dexter” location tour

Yes, this is #3 on our list, no we don’t regret it. We have become obsessed with Dexter and are pretty excited to go see some of the popular locations from the show. I was a little heartbroken when I found out that most of their locations after season 1 were shot in CA but there are at least 5 spots that we can go check out. We will likely be major nerds and have our pictures taken there too. We are those people. Haha!

4. Stand-up Paddleboard/ Scuba Dive

Get a workout while getting a tan? Yes please!

5.Stay out until 4am in Miami Beach

We figure we should get this out of the way now while we’re still young and can stay up that long. I fall asleep at the movies so this should be quite the challenge.

Some of our other agenda items: find awesome restaurants, meet some great couples to hang out with, further our careers, (maybe) buy a house, get me a new car (after owning my 2002 “sweet 16” car for 10 years now I’m ready for something new), and have friends and family visit. We also will be close enough to go to Florida Gator football games (alumnus here!) and go on a cruise or two!

Have you been to Miami? What would you recommend we add to our list?

Station Chincoteague has been…interesting

When I moved to my husband in August I was going through a hefty dose of culture shock. My cell no longer worked from home, we didn’t have internet access for a few weeks, the population of our town was 192 and we were 45 minutes from any real form of civilization. I know all of these complaints make me sound like a whiny brat but I was in no way used to this way of life. Planning grocery and gas trips ahead of time has never been my strong suit and I have many times found myself almost running out of gas and/or eating tortilla chips for dinner because of my failure to plan.

       My husband was gone for two days at a time and I was terrified at night because I had never lived in the middle and without any form of communication in case of an emergency. Yes, the “emergencies” that plagued my city-girl mind were a tad-bit ridiculous (mainly based on intruders which are a lot more likely in Jacksonville, FL than they are in Greenbackville, VA) but you understand. I decided that if I was going to be alone here that I wanted a companion who kept me busy and made me feel safer (without sleeping with my mace in bed with me).

In comes Hurley:


Don’t let him fool you. This was when he was small and cute. Now he’s a 75lb beast and acts like a teenager.

He is a German Sheprador and my baby. I didn’t realize how quickly a huge portion of my  life would revolve around him an and I can’t imagine our life without him. He is a pain in my ass at times but definitely worth it. He gives me a great sense of security now that he’s bigger and I can actually sleep at night without fear of being bludgeoned to death (I’m dramatic and watch a few too many true crime shows).

         He has also helped a lot with my loneliness. I thought making friends here would be relatively easy, as it always has been, but I guess being a new military wife brings some challenges with this. I had a few friends for a few months and then poof they seemed to drop off the face of the planet. I’m not talking  “we have busy schedules so being friends is kind of too much work” but rather “we work 20 feet away from each other, live a half of a mile from each other and I am actively ignored and treated like we’ve never met”.  These women were also military wives if that matters. This experience certainly made me question myself quite a bit and I don’t know what happened. I am trying to attribute it to my negative attitude when I moved here; I was fresh out of grad school, unemployed with few job prospects within an hour of me, in a climate I was unfamiliar with and without my friends and family. Yes, those are excuses but I feel they help paint the picture of where my head was at at that time.  Maybe it was a territory thing? Who knows. My friends back home have counselled me on this subject a number of times and helped me feel better about it. Maybe I just wasn’t their cup of tea?  But at 26, I need to learn to accept not everyone I meet will like me.  I think every one of us would be better off if we learned this.

There have been some great experiences here:

I got to be with my husband finally after a year of long distance

I got my first real professional job which adds great experience to my resume

I got Hurley

I learned how to live in snow

I learned how to live with limited communication

I regained my appreciation for Florida and the weather there

I learned how to run a household as a new wife

I got to meet some great people

Overall, I’m hoping we don’t get stationed here again but I know I’d live if we did.  The major takeaways from living here have been to learn to like spending time with myself, to be flexible,  and to do some self-analysis and try to keep my pessimistic attitude from preventing potential friendships.

Thanks for reading!

Liquid Gold, also referred to as: Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer

 I would like to start by saying I am pretty reasonable and money-conscious. When I read most women’s magazines I do a dramatic eye-roll at most of their shopping guides that include $200 scarves and cardigans. I mean, REALLY? Does the average American woman have that kind of money?  I especially love when the writers feature an “Affordable style!!!” page that is so far removed from reality and what most of us can afford (unless we don’t want to eat for the month). I will splurge every now-and-again for things that I absolutely love, don’t get me wrong, but that bedazzled picture frame is not getting a 1/4 of my paycheck.

Where were we? Oh yeah, makeup.  Logic and reason would conclude that $55.00 for a tinted moisturizer is a highway robbery. I’m the girl who subconsciously rations everything: the good shampoo, the gas, the chili powder.  I am constantly going through in internal inventory about how much left there are of things and how much they cost to replace. I even ration my time…. but Hourglass Illusions is amazing and every few months you will see me trudging to Sephora to replenish my supply.  To be fair: it has 4.5 stars out of 5 and over 1000 reviews on Sephora.

Hourglass Illusion

It’s not really a tinted moisturizer (TM) though.  It provides medium to heavy coverage depending on how you apply  it and boasts an array of awesome skin benefits. I’m going to assume that’s the reason it’s called TM. It is great for dry skin and has micro-shimmer in it (for lack of a better term) that makes your skin look dewy and fresh. It might be my mid-20’s complex shining through but I will take anything that makes my skin look fresh and new. It supposedly helps tighten and lift skin but I have been wearing it so long I wouldn’t really notice a difference anymore.

If you’re on the fence about your next foundation I would highly recommend getting a few-day sample from Sephora and trying it out.

You won’t be disappointed!

What’s your product vice?